"The APSC [Sonoma County Philharmonic] has developed a substantial command of weighty works under Mr. Gamboa's flexible baton, a likely indication that Tchaikovsky's great final symphonies will be on future programs, along with those of his peers."

- Classical Sonoma (California, U.S.A.)

Mr. Gamboa was in no hurry to get any place and throughout took tempos that underscored the rich colorations and subtlety of instrumentation...Mr. Gamboa understands how to balance disparate section parts, allowing small duos to be easily heard above the dense orchestral texture. Especially telling was the conductor’s control when he inserted many small crescendos. It was a richly satisfying reading of opulent music."

- Classical Sonoma (California, U.S.A.)

“Mr. Gamboa was clearly in his element towards the end the symphony. The APSC [Sonoma County Philharmonic] created a tsunami of sound that drew the audience to its feet after the last chord.”

- Classical Sonoma (California, U.S.A.)

“…the [Guatemala] National Symphony Orchestra was guided by the undefiled baton of Costa Rican conductor Norman Gamboa.”

- La Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala.)

“Newly appointed Music Director Norman Gamboa continues to provide artistic direction and administrative guidance through innovative concert programming”

 - The Campbell County Observer (Wyoming, U.S.A.)

“[Gamboa] is unusually gifted in the ability to recruit orchestra members, and then to bring out the very best in them”

- The Topeka Capital Journal (Kansas, U.S.A.) 

"The Washburn Symphony Orchestra, which in recent years has taken on a challenging repertoire under the direction of Norman Gamboa, brought considerable musical skills and youthful enthusiasm to the program"

 - The Topeka Capital Journal (Kansas, U.S.A.) 

"Guest Conductor Norman Gamboa together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Honduras delivered a spectacular musical evening"

- El Tiempo Newspaper (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

"From the overture's glorious notes to the ones before the curtain closed, the opera orchestra sounded grand under the deft conducting of Norman A. Gamboa."

 - The Topeka Capital Journal (Kansas, U.S.A.)

"...Norman Gamboa (Costa Rica) a complete and outstanding musician who did an efficient and sober job, characterized by his expressiveness with emotional elements both in his music as well as in his control of the orchestra, thus resulting all in very pleasing and fascinating versions. The best, a "Pathetique" by Tchaikowsky: deep in emotional content; a precise execution that emphasized the shades of dynamics and nuances, without forgetting the true Russian phrasing and own shine."

- El Colombiano Newspaper (Medellín, Colombia)

"...the National Orchestra of Nicaragua conducted by maestro Norman Gamboa, performed a variety of musical selections that mesmerized the audience."

 - El Nuevo Diario Newspaper (Managua, Nicaragua)

"Norman-Armando Gamboa, as music director, led the orchestra in a subtle reading of the rich, melodic score with particular attention to balance and support for the performers."

-The Topeka Capital-Journal (Kansas, U.S.A.) 

"...Costa Rican conductor Norman Gamboa, a firm and rigorous musician who is considered as one of the finest Latin American orchestra conductors..."

 - El Mundo Newspaper (Medellín, Colombia)

"...Gamboa confirmed to be an experienced conductor even though of his young age. He demonstrated his capacity by showing effective orchestral conducting elements: security and good action...His energy is fresh and although his gestures are expressive, they are not excessive..."

- El Colombiano Newspaper (Medellín, Colombia)

"...guest conductor, Norman Gamboa, has shown great conducting capacity and control over a disciplined ensemble that responded diligently to his competent conducting...the orchestra presented itself with dignity under the clear gestures of maestro Gamboa..."

 - El Colombiano Newspaper (Medellín, Colombia)